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Safety Message

We wanted to address the current situation and the severity of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking special precautions to ensure that our employees and customer continue to stay safe, fed and happy.

Our high standards of cleanliness has always been part of Ingallina’s. We will continue taking extra steps in sterilizing and disinfecting all areas of our kitchen as well as ensuring that continuous hand washing has been made a priority to our team. Our employees are wearing gloves at all times, not just for food prep but for delivering as well. We are regularly disinfecting our delivery vehicles as well.

We have made it clear to our employees that if they, or someone in their household, is sick, they are to report it to their supervisor immediately and stay home.

We appreciate and care for you all and wish everyone the best of luck in dealing with the current circumstances.

- Ingallina’s Box Lunch