Ingallina's Box Lunch

GLUTEN FREE* - Mango Cucumber Multigrain Salad

Rice, quinoa, almonds, jalapeno (mild), green onion, cilantro, cucumber, mango, and honey lime dressing. Comes a mix of almonds, chocolate chips & dried cranberries on the side.


Each Gluten Free Box Lunch is made with gluten free ingredients including Tim’s Chips, fresh fruit, bottled water and our Almond, Cranberry, Chocolate Trail Mix .


*  Our gluten free lunches are made with gluten free ingredients, but all are also produced in a facility where there is a potential of cross contamination with wheat.   We do our best to prepare all gluten free items separately, but we do not guarantee 100% gluten free  .



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Extra Dressing:
-Yes ( + $0.50 )